Univex Brings New Innovation In Food Prep Equipment

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Univex Corporation, an industry leader in food prep, bakery and pizza equipment has release a brand-new product, which is sure to shake up the way restaurants prep and slice their meat.

The new product, MT975 is geared to enhance speed and consistency of prepping and cutting meat. Not only is this unit compact, only utilizing a standard 115V plug, but it features the largest product opening at 9.75” wide, for its class of product.Univex Meat Tenderizer Food Prep Equipment

Depending on which attachment is put into the machine, it is designed to enhance texture and tenderness when utilizing the tenderizer blade. When switching to a strip cutter, it will strip-cut to perfection based on which size blade is put into the machine.

It is built with sturdy construction made out of AISI 304 stainless steel and utilizes a stable footprint, made so no tipping will occur. The design is built with a totally enclosed oil-bath gear box as well for maximum power and smoothness.

The efficient cradle assembly is readily removable for thorough cleaning and sanitation, while utilizing a transparent safety cover. This cover is interlocked for automatic shut off and easy removal for cleaning and safety protocols.

While the meat tenderizer attachment comes standard with the unit, the available options for strip cutter blades come in 2 different sizes of 10 or 15mm wide cuts.

With the quick throughput and high production capabilities, this unit is sure to increase production and save on labor cost, all while increasing consistency throughout the product.

Univex Meat TenderizerNo matter what, whether it is steak, chicken, or even fish, this unit will bring the consistency you are looking for with minimal labor!

Evan Priesel, Director of Sales and Marketing for Univex stated, “We are always trying to innovate and develop new products for the foodservice industry. This product is sure to help restaurants save on labor cost. On top of that, they will be able to get a much more consistent product, all for a very affordable cost. We have been working hard to meet and exceed customers’ requests and industry demands, and will continue to innovate high quality products for the industry moving forward!”



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