Pizza Ovens

Rotating Deck Stone Hearth Dome Oven – Flat Top

These beautiful masterpieces are made of whole refractory bricks, furnace baked, with high alumina content, immersed in refractory cement casting and feature a rotating cooking surface. With heat resistant to 1200°C and high alumina content increases heat retention, this oven will not disappoint! Various shapes, sizes and tiling available! Ovens turned off in the evening are still warm the next day and our bricks have sufficient resistance to double oven lifespan. In addition to the gas burner, which ensures a precise and punctual temperature, an independent electrical resistance below the rotating surface (manageable in off, automatic, or manual mode), guarantees continuous operation and allows you to cook pizzas continuously without the need for annoying pauses to restore heat to the floor. The Smart Chef digital control panel through a simple and intuitive touch screen synchronizes and manages both the direction and the speed of rotation of the floor, the temperature of the oven and allows you to set predefined cooking programs for the different foods.

Available Sizes in 47″ and 59″ internal diameters.

  • 47″ Cooking chamber with 39.4″ cooking Surface
  • 59″ Cooking chamber with 55″ cooking surface
  • Handmade firebrick pizza oven
  • Rotating cooking floor
  • Round internal cooking chamber
  • Insulated and ready to be connected to smokestack
  • Full Electronic Control
  • Venting: Depends on local and state code. Recommend a dedicated natural draft flue. If exhaust fan is required by code, it needs to be no more then 200-300 CFM
  • Iron Stand
  • Thermometer
  • Remote control
  • Iron Door
  • Stack exhaust internal diameter is 7 7/8”
  • ¾ NPT gas connection
  • Utilizes 9” thick refractory brick for heavy insulation, outside walls are cool to the touch on highest temperatures.
  • Can cook a pizza in 90 seconds!
  • Internal dome oven can reach over 1,000°F
  • Pizzeria’s
  • Supermarkets
  • Chains
  • Country Clubs
  • Schools
  • Any application making a pizza
  • Marble Tiling
  • Mosaic Tiling
  • If no tiling is selected, oven will be a matte black finish

Call factory for custom tiling.