Advantages of a Sprizza Pizza Spinner

For many chains and pizzeria’s, the second most important sector of operation, after their dough, is the equipment they use to make their product. Equipment itself is a big investment and should have a goal of wanting to make a consistent high-quality product, while giving the operator an advantage.

 Sometimes this advantage is saving on labor cost, increasing consistency and or producing a higher quality product. Labor cost are often the highest cost for a restaurant or other food service operations.


For any pizza operation, consistency plays a big factor into the success of your product, especially for a multi-locational chain. To be able to get the same results no matter what location, no matter who is making your pizza is important.


Enter the Univex Sprizza


Unlike a heated press, the Sprizza is the only non-heated, no pressure pizza spinner on the market. The machine that is used by many pizzeria’s and nation-wide chains, has a patented micro rolling system, and is made to mimic a hand tossed pizza!

Unlike a heated press, the Sprizza does not par bake your dough. It is fresh dough going in, and fresh dough coming out of the machine. The machine is made for extreme consistency, one of the reasons why it is so popular over multi-locational chains.

You can now hire any employee (over the age of 18), train them in under an hour, and get extremely consistent results!


Check it out for yourself!


Now you can save on labor cost, and still achieve that extremely consistent result you are looking for.


The machine will stretch your doughball up to 85% of the way to your final desired size, while the customer still has to finish the last 15% of the spin, it creates extreme consistency and uniformity with every pizza they toss!


Since the unit does not have any heat involved, it is important for the operator to make sure their dough is proofed out and relaxed. There is no “cheating” the proofing process like you would in a heated press, however the results speak for themselves.


Due to the patented system, you will always have excess dough on the outer edge compared to the center, giving you a naturally bubbly crust once put in the oven. Something that every hand tossed pizzaiolo wants to see in their product.


Watch Here!


The Sprizza40 will spin up to a 16” diameter and as small as a personal pizza. For the larger operations the Sprizza50 spins up to 20” and is not recommended for any size under 17”.


This specialty unit is bringing consistency back to pizzerias around the world, while also saving them on labor cost and increasing efficiencies!



For more information on the Sprizza, visit or email [email protected]

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