Benefits of Working with a USA Manufacturer

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Working with a manufacturer for your equipment needs is a big decision restaurant owners need to make. The decision can play a major role in how their restaurant operates, and functions daily.

There are many USA manufacturers in the foodservice industry such as Univex Corporation, and Amerikooler. Working with a USA manufacturer can bring many advantages to you. Let us look at what some of these benefits look like…

Shorter Lead Time On Equipment

With made in the USA equipment, lead times are either minimal or non-existent! For example, any planetary mixer made by Univex, is either in stock or 1 week lead time! Compared to others who must wait 6+ weeks for the units to come from overseas, customers can get their equipment faster. This means they are making money faster, and their ROI on the equipment is greater!

The faster you get the product, the quicker you can grow profit.

Higher Quality Equipment – Yes, Quality Matters!

Those choosing to buy American often do so because of the quality of the product, and many believe American-made products are often better quality than foreign-made. Consumer reports says, 61% of survey respondents believe American-made is higher quality than foreign-made.

As American products increase in quality, so too does the loyalty of consumers wanting to not just buy American-made but quality as well.

Helping Other Small Businesses by Sourcing Local

Univex MixerMost made in the USA manufacturer’s try to source their material from other local businesses. Univex is a great example of this, as they source many of their materials from local foundries in New England.

Due to this, not only are you supporting the manufacturer, but customers are also supporting other small businesses in the US, which rely on manufacturers to succeed for materials.

Better Quality Customer Support

We all know how important customer support is. Being there for your customer and helping them when you need it most. Working with USA manufacturers allows you to communicate with them quick and easy.

Customers don’t have to worry about different time zones or work schedules. Accessing a USA manufacturer via phone, email or website is easier than ever. Especially when companies like Univex have a 24/7 customer service line. Being able to talk to the company directly and not a “random call center” enhances the overall buying experience.

Showcasing “Made in the USA” demonstrates your company’s commitment to a better quality of life for local workers and stronger economies for the communities in which your
facilities are located.

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